Stormie is multimedia artist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Ever since she was little the imaginative worlds of video games and cartoons helped foster her love for storytelling, creatures, and characters. She studied at Oregon College of Art and Craft for three years and graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a Bachelors in Fine Art in 2020. With her tool belt of craft skills, she brings her stories to life though illustration, sculpture, and book making.
    My work reflects the countless hours spent behind the TV immersed in story. My imagination was ignited from hours of cartoon shows, video games, and movies I engaged with as a kid. As I have grown into an adult imagination and play through materials has remained close to my heart, and I aim to invite people into my own stories.
    The media obsession I experienced as a kid reinforced the need to imagine my own worlds and characters. Through my odd, but lovable, creatures I work through the stress and anxiety of life. My characters and their stories are born from the challenging moments of

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