The Infinite Disco / No Pain Just Dance / G*d Is Among Us In The Ruins

    Raphaël Lewi is a multi-disciplinary artist born in France but working in
Portland, OR. After a brief foray into graphic design, he enrolled in the
now-defunct Oregon College of Craft where he developed his art practice
and idiosyncratic visual language. He weaves together his Jewish heritage,
contemporary leftist theory, and the legacy of outsider art. Through art,
Raphaël’s talks about the downfall of the western superpower, and the new
world that comes in its wake.
    I grew up in the mid-90's, in the aftermath of the USSR collapsing. All my
life, whether in France or the United States, I have lived under the
hegemony of western neoliberalism.

    LIFE IN EDEN is born out of my desire to imagine a speculative future, an
alternative to this hegemony. This large installation immerses the viewer
into EDEN, the fictional world all of my work exists in. After the collapse
of the western world (an event I refer to as the Downfall), the United States
became Eden - a vast wildland free of all governments or organized
structures. Individuals roam the land freely and create their own roles,
language, and spirituality. Among them, one man uses paint and
cinderblocks to build evocative structures out of the rubble. In the middle
of these structures lies a prophecy, written by the living but spoken by the
dead: G*d is among us in the ruins, a new world is coming. LIFE IN EDEN
is part of an evolving body of work across various mediums. It is my first
attempt at fleshing out the world of Eden through an evocative,
highly-symbolic visual language.

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