Onyx Andra is a fiber artist residing in Portland, Oregon. Their work 
centers around identity and the self, frequently manifesting into clothing 
and more frequently into video and photography. They have an obsession
with the color pink and using art as a way to process feelings from societal
experience. Onyx is a candidate for a bachelor of fine arts degree from the
Pacific Northwest College of Art, a finish of an academic journey that was 
started at the now closed Oregon College of Art and Craft. 
    When not making art, Onyx is frequently a pizza cook, in which they excel most in speed and customer service work. At home, Onyx is at peace and watches anime and makes clothing for themself.
    My identity and general self-awareness is the central thread throughout
all of my work. Much of my self-awareness is rooted in obsessively trying
to find my role and place in society, like examining my privileges and
disadvantages. As I continue to learn the complex histories of my
identity and process them emotionally and mentally, I find things to
create to release some of the build up. As a descendant of those
marginalized, I carry our history through all of my work. I feel I am
responsible for spreading the word and educating others as much as
    I am a tailor, a photographer, and a videographer. I like having set color
schemes when applicable, and causing a stir in people's hearts.
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