Oliver is a multimedia artist, focusing on photography and
design in the realm of fashion and fine art. Born and raised in New
York, he has developed an eye for both cut throat realms. Through his
work he explores Love and Experience through a wide range of mediums.
The experience aspect has inspired Oliver to host a handful of
fashion shows and pop up shops, featuring clothing designs cut and
sewn himself along with collaborators. He considers the Event to be a
vital aspect, that plays in favor of the artwork itself.
Decadent Tendencies Blooming from the Absence of Love

    My work is about love and decadence: the experience of each as a proxy for the other. My idea for the final work has taken many different forms. I've been manifesting an interpretation, a figment of my imagination, subconscious or suppressed feelings. All my work stems from how life makes me feel, no exception, much like Basquiat, who said “I don’t think about art when I’m working, I try to think about life” The absence of an intimate love in my life urges me to fill that void with my work. I've found that filling it is best done by the means of art, material, and the process of them, like the way paint lifts off a paint roller from a dimpled tray, becomes decadent. When I use the word decadence, I am referring to what comes of the love and care put into the work, a feeling luxurious to my emotions that fills the void of absence. The work steps in to comfort me. Decadence is born in the absence of love. In the absence of love, I indulge myself in the materials and the process of creating. A moment, now decadent in my eyes, is formed through material and creation.
    I envisioned my final thesis show as a “fashion-like show” that either just happened or is about to happen. I planned to go about creating an experience, an event of sorts, taking place in the future, past, or present being uncertain. I want the viewer to experience the event without being at the event, in part, because I am less interested in making clothes for a fashion show. It occured to me that I didn't desire to make physical garments or what the fashion industry calls “ready to wear”. This is because I was thinking about my thesis as a whole. I did not want to make clothing to wear; I can make a clothing collection whenever, but in art school in my thesis year, I wanted to make something more conceptual. What I realized was that my experience and love of fashion is still there but making ready to wear clothing wasn't the way forward to accomplish my goal, the idea of fashion-like made its debut. For the work is fashion-like, containing elements and ideas of fashion, such as show notes for a fashion show, styled looks for a runway, invitations, and garments that have taken a new form as the symbols in a language of visual metaphor.



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