Maya Taina is a multi-media craftswoman based in Portland, OR. Their training began at Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) from 2015-2019, with a concentration in photography. OCAC’s dynamics encouraged cross media studies bringing in textile and book arts into the web of her process. In the spring of 2019, OCAC closed its doors and in the Fall of 2019 she transferred to Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) to complete her thesis year to graduate in May 2020. Maya’s work focuses on celebrating the complexities of womanhood through explorations in tarot, heritage, culture, memory, and myth.
    Oasis Imperium is a body of work that was created through the processing of personal and generational traumas. An ongoing performance between the artist and the objects cultivates a symbolic language of growth through communication with the subconscious, all in the pursuit to explore the parts that make us whole. My greatest intentions are to heal through self-reflection and to honor the world by reclaiming my voice and sharing my story. The spaces I create aim to guide others through this same process of self reflection.
    My work aims to take on the depths of trauma through an active engagement between past and present in order to access a complex realm that is largely denied. I specifically focus on the intersections and dependencies of the conscious and subconscious, identities of the individual and the collective, observation of cultures using personal heritage as navigation, and recognizing symbolism through interpreted memory – all as a pursuit of healing through self- reflection. I am motivated by the intention to explore a memory palace that has formed itself through the influence of domestic spaces I have encountered throughout my life.
    I am a woman who has experienced and inherited trauma, a woman who has conjured growth by processing trauma as full-heartedly as possible. Through the use of mixed media and collected objects I am able to translate these truths my body hosts.

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