Living, breathing, and playing in Portland, OR.
Making, arranging, and breaking in the studio.
Krystal Barrio creates spaces that encourage the audience
to participate, make a mark, and create new memories.
    As a space exists, it transforms through experience and time. I’m interested in history engraved within space and the impact it has on people's memory. Exploring this concept through my own identity, I manifest my memories into a space that is accessible and inviting to my audience. I want to tell a story.
    My work is about the storage of memories, how identities are built from these memories, and how objects can be used as stand-ins for these narrative scenarios. I use symbols, colors, and material to depict my home and memories while growing up in Miami.
    By arranging objects in a space, they start a conversation and become bigger than themselves. I allow myself to inhabit the spaces I create. Spending time within, I notice how the space and I connect. It is never fixed or finished, always transforming just as I am always becoming the person I am.

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