Kate Thompson is an artist and collector from California currently living in the Pacific Northwest. She received her BFA from PNCA in 2020. Kate is influenced to make jewelry and still-life paintings by found objects gathered from years of collecting. By taking her daily life as subject matter while commenting on nostalgia, she absorbs the tradition of memory into her art practice. Her desire is to conjure the realms of our imagination.
    I was raised among all the dusty relics found within antique stores and flea markets. Due to my constant exposure to vintage objects of all kinds, I grew up with a passion for hunting down and rescuing lost and forgotten treasures. I developed a fascination over the years with items that have a history, where has the item been and what has it seen?
    My creative practice is currently centered around my fascination with items of curiosity, many inspired by the natural world and the concept of the curiosity cabinet. I have a fondness for the darker side. Many things could lean towards the macabre and occult. I find beauty, mystery, and intrigue in the often overlooked items and wish to share my fascination with others. My goal is for my pieces to intrigue the viewer so they want to take a closer look.

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