Joshua Kehrberg is a California born artist now working in the Pacific
Northwest’s Portland Oregon. He gained his art education at the Oregon College of Art and Craft until it’s closing in 2019 and completed his BFA degree in sculpture at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Joshua’s art practice is influenced by eastern philosophies of aesthetics and translates them for a western audience. His practice relates to the contemplative nature of crafting materials that help to heighten self-awareness both in the maker and viewer.
    Progress of modern civilization moves quickly and we need do not have enough moments to stop, contemplate and reconsider. Zen philosophy has shown me a way to live more mindfully and to appreciate the common objects of my life. As an artist I act as a conduit to these eastern philosophies and interpret them through my own sculptural practice for the western audience. The work becomes abstract environments where the perceptual involvement of the viewer is required to imagine a world hinted at. Through an aesthetic of austerity the work transmits the viewer into a contemplative mindset as a temporary escape from the world outside the gallery walls.

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