Jesse Martinez is an artist from nearly Los Angeles who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Martinez earned their Bachelor of Fine Art from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2020; their multi-media practice, which
they characterize as “in constant oscillation between searching and waiting”, fuses painting, poetry, and performance to explore the dualistic themes of love and failure.
    Mine is a practice of clumsiness, self absorption, searching, waiting - a practice of love.

    I think about beauty (to an end), about the armchair, about the space/the sky in Southern California: that gorgeous, imported, invented, pathetic landscape - figures emerging in the distance. I employ a language of
fragments, free-floating signifiers, moments snatched up from the pageant - the world we share. My work aims to represent and to question these - to demonstrate a particular politic about multiplicity and the magical superficial potential of images, of simulated reality, of artifice in all of its crazy plastic forms.

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