Gwyneth Ann Bushman is a nonbinary artist, craftsman, and performer working out of Portland, Oregon. Being infatuated with the ways humans communicate since they were young, Gwyneth studied theater and the performing arts extensively until their graduation from highschool. In 2016, they started attending the Oregon College of Art and Craft. There, their focus was in metalsmithing, but were able to recieve a cross media based education. This enabled them to learn and practice with a variety of materials and crafts alongside each other including ceramics, fiber, and book craft. In 2019 OCAC closed and Gwyneth transferred to the Pacific Northwest College of Art. At PNCA they were able to marry their performance and craft education through the study of video production and performance and graduated with their B.F.A. in 2020. Bushman uses their variety of skills to create immersive and interactive performances. Through these performances they question concepts of binary morality and the taboo as they relate to human experience and perception.

    As an artist I am driven by my concepts and grounded by the act of making. Anxious my entire life I was initially drawn to craft as a way of channeling my anxiety. Growing up on the stage, I learned to communicate through the maximal methods of the theater. There I watched worlds be created through handcrafted sets, props, and costumes that were brought to life by performance. In my work, I combine these theatrical methods of storytelling with my passion for craft to create activated objects, installation, costumes, and video. Performance brings these objects and environments alive and ultimately helps spark immersive moments with those who engage them.
    Through my creative practice, I set out to question the moral binaries of Western society and the effect those binaries have on a person's worldview. The same anxieties that provoked me to make pushed me to question black and white standards that I had learned from my environment. I watched how these standards were used in my society to confine myself and others and influence our outlook. Inspired by the ways experience can influence perception, I manufacture intentional experiences in the hopes to promote a more empathetic perspective. By fostering these experiences I simply hope to connect to others and share my experience.

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