Portland based artist Fenn Paider studied at Oregon College of Art and Craft until its closing in 2019, then finished his undergraduate degree at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Most recently Fenn’s work was exhibited in a group show of OCAC senior work in Gallery 157 at PNCA.

    Creating work in several different mediums, Fenn Paider’s practice encompases installation, garment construction, and film. Most of Paider’s work lives in the film industry, directing music videos and lookbook productions for clothing brands. As this work carries into a more persona practice he works with these mediums to document his sculpture and clothing design.
    Confronting the experience of living between two homes, this work considers the effects of living a nomadic lifestyle as a child. The concept is directed through garment construction, photography, and film. Constructed from experiences, the work is recontextualized into a contemporary language of clothing and fashion.

    In the work symbols of a nomadic lifestyle are used as design motifs and sewn into garments. These looks then are presented in photos and video. I approach the visual documentation with the search for a sense of movement, and how that movement may be perceived by different individuals. Symbols of movement can be found in the garment construction, visual documentation, and the installation of the work. Working with multiple mediums allows me to process the experience in different ways, and allows for the concept to have layered visual language.

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