Eclecticism is fundamental to the nature of Evan Kirby’s practice. Building their work ethic on a basis of anamistic principles, Evan’s process embodies a neo-shamanistic approach to the acts of creation. Craft serves as technical support to the ideas, and concepts portrayed in the work. Process is the performance, life is the audience, and the ritual is allowing new pieces to repeatedly come to fruition. It’s the translation of life experience into the material world where the center of this infinite playing field lives.
Hello, My name is Evan Kirby.

    My work stems from a desire to bring awareness to the love within us all. Rooted in spiritual initiation given by psychics, witches, spirits and shamans of all kinds, I implement ritual as a method of sharing the teachings I have received. These rights of passage have been into the Dragon Spirit of the Second Sky- the eternal entity that owns my spirit power. These experiences have been through ceremonial traditions of different cultures from around the world, bringing together the eclectic practice I have today. All of the imagery and symbolism I use is gifted to me from the Dragon Spirit. The work I create is channeled from this spirit through trance; a naturally occurring altered state of consciousness achieved through ritual practice in almost every culture on earth. My process utilizes multiple mediums of traditional craft, alongside performance it is expressed within a ceremonial space.

A prayer for mother earth.

Earth is my body,                                                                                     My body is earth.
Water is my blood,                                                                                   My blood is water.
Air is my breath,                                                                                       My breath is air.
Fire is my spirit,                                                                                        My spirit is fire.
         Thank you earth for housing my experience, I walk within your heaviness.

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