Raised in Fayetteville North Carolina, Eliza Gooding graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art with a Bachelors in Fine Art and Craft with a concentration in ceramics in 2020. Working with a variety of objects, both found and handmade, she draws inspiration from Lil’ Wayne, Mountain Dew, her personal memory. Gooding’s work engages in her understanding and relationship to the craft dialogue. She currently works as a studio artist and community educator in Portland, Oregon.
    I make sense of the world around me through materials, while being tremendously informed by the culture that surrounds me.
    I am riding the placebo high of the authority afforded to the artist. I’m using this authority to make things belong, unbelong, and to create a dialogue that fosters connection between both people and objects.
    I believe that in order to be making something that is truly evocative, you must observe and engage in a transcendent space, one that can not always be honed with an acute analysis, but rather a wordless feeling that provokes, shimmers, guides, and loves--Belonging

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