Ashley Anderson is an artist and metalsmith based in Portland, Oregon. She gained her educatio from Oregon College of Art and Craft with an emphasis in Metals until it’s closure in 2019, and completed her BFA Degree from Pacific Northwest College of Art. Her current work focuses on memory recall, sentimental attachment to objects, and the preservation of a moment. In her one-of-a-kind jewelry, she is informed by rock formations, eroded cliffs, and gemological forms to display the resilient and transient elegance of nature.
    I have always been sentimental, someone who holds on to an object solely for the memory attached to it. Whether it be a button from my mother's coat or a feather from a walk in the woods, I form an attachment to these small objects. With this self-awareness, I have this fascination with an object's ability to elicit longing and comfort. In my work, I explore the relationship between sentimentality and the souvenir, habits of collecting, and the ability to recall and relive our experiences. This series functions as a placeholder of time, displaying collected and found material preserved in resin. Each neckpiece is organized by the relationships the cabochons share, by a person or place. As time and distance distort memory, this collection
revisits a time potentially lost
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